Dastan's Basement, Shimmers, Tehran, Iran


Dastan's Basement
#6 Beedar Street, Fereshte Street,
Tehran, Iran

DurationSeptember 20, 2019 - October 4, 2019

Dastan is pleased to announce Isabelle Cornaro’s solo exhibition titled “Shimmers” at Dastan+2. The exhibition will open on Friday, September 20, 2019, and will be open for public viewing through October 4, 2019. This is the first exhibition of works by Isabelle Cornaro at Dastan.

Isabelle Cornaro (b. 1974, France) is a graduate of Ecole du Louvre, Paris with a Degree in Art history, with specialization in 16th century’s art (1996), and Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris (2002). She lives and works in Paris and Geneva and is represented by galleries Balice Hertling in Paris, Foksal Foundation in Warsaw, Francesca Pia in Zurich and Hannah Hoffman in Los Angeles. Her work has been shown at Musée du Louvre, Fondation Hermès, Palais de Tokyo, Centre Pompidou, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Kunsthalle Bern, Tate Modern, Institute of Contemporary Art London (ICA) and Sharjah Biennial.

Through her artistic career, Isabelle Cornaro has used a wide range of artistic mediums, such as drawing, sculpture, installation and film to investigate the relationship between objects and images, as well as questioning the authenticity of the works by exploring the original and its copy.

The current exhibition features a series of films that have been created since 2010 to present. In these films Isabelle Cornaro looks at symbols, images and objects from the occidental culture, wether they are mundane or historically and emotionally loaded. The films play on the visual and tactile qualities of the objects’s various surfaces, making them both attractive and repulsive, familiar and enigmatic.

In this sense, the title of the exhibition refers to the notion of « flicker », a quick and bright pulsation that blinds the eyes repetitively, in a way to deconstruct what first appeared as a clear image.